The Limitations of “Mindfulness Meditation” as a Trauma Transforming Technology, Part 1

Sound bite: mindfulness meditation is fundamentally solitary and passive.  Transforming trauma requires active, relational engagement with our habits of moving, perceiving, feeling, thinking and acting. This series is another approximation of the theme I first explored in my piece The … Continue reading →

Acute Gardening Injuries and The Discipline of Pleasure

It’s been a beautiful day in the garden. Not too hot, not too cool, not too many bugs. You’ve put in a good day’s work, you’re ready to wrap it up, take a shower and eat some of the fruits … Continue reading →

Changing the Way You Move Is the Key to Transforming Trauma, Part 1

Sound bite: If you’re a trauma survivor and you want life to be better, just changing your talk won’t do it.  You’re also going to need to change the way you walk, literally. I’ve said it before.  I’ll surely say … Continue reading →