Changing the Way You Move is Key to Transforming Trauma, Part 2

Sound bite: Awareness Through Movement is a more profound, elegant, and effective technology for transforming trauma than almost any other form of movement. So why aren’t Awareness Through Movement classes packed?  Why is yoga asana so frequently found on the … Continue reading →

The Discipline of Pleasure Does Gardening

I’m thinking a lot about gardening right now. Probably because I’m doing a lot of gardening right now. I know a lot of you are doing the same thing. As I tend vegetables, fruits, berries, medicinal herbs, and flowers on … Continue reading →

Why Awareness Through Movement Can Be Scary If You’re A Trauma Survivor (and why you should do it anyway)

Psychic Surgeon General’s Warning:  Awareness Through Movement can trigger annihilation panic! What is annihilation panic?  According to famed trauma clinician and researcher Judith Herman. M.D., it is an “intolerable” state to which those subject to chronic trauma in early life … Continue reading →

Changing the Way You Move Is the Key to Transforming Trauma, Part 1

Sound bite: If you’re a trauma survivor and you want life to be better, just changing your talk won’t do it.  You’re also going to need to change the way you walk, literally. I’ve said it before.  I’ll surely say … Continue reading →