Individual sessions enable us to personalize your training according to your unique developmental needs.

Individual sessions are great for addressing acute injuries or illnesses.  Proper attention to injury or illness in its early stages makes it less likely to become a generator of chronic dis-ease.

Individual sessions are also excellent for unraveling chronic trauma habits expressing themselves through our physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual bodies.

Individual sessions allow students to experience of safety in sustained intimate communication; thus, they are a critical component of trauma transformation for most students.

Individual sessions complement and deepen the training we do in group classes; participation in group training enhances your ability to make good use of individual sessions.

Individual sessions for adults and teens last between 90 and 30 minutes.  Shorter sessions are sometimes appropriate for younger children and infants.

Individual sessions for teens and adults typically combine passive movement (I move your body while asking you to observe sensations, feelings, etc.), active movement (you move yourself while observing sensations, feelings, etc.), and imaginative exploration of the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Individual sessions for children and infants emphasize movement and touch that play with and build upon the movements these young students spontaneously present.