Originating in what is now Nigeria 8500-10000 years ago, Ifa divination is a highly effective, practical process through which we can align ourselves with the flow of Creation and thus ease our way.  Whether we seek change in our daily, temporal life (i.e., a more rewarding job or home) or in our emotional/spiritual life, Ifa divination is an unusually elegant and powerful tool.

Iyanifa Lisa was born into the path of Ifa under the sacred Odu Ofun Meji.  This sign speaks of the fullness of Ifa wisdom and is associated with the Orisa of diviners, Orunmila.  Iya Lisa is an unusually clear, transparent, and powerful diviner.  She is especially gifted at offering practical exercises that help you to integrate the divination into your daily life.



Topic-focused divination

Concentrating on a particular issue (i.e., “Should I pursue this opportunity presenting itself in my work right now?” or  “What is the most beneficial approach to my current health challenge?”) and relevant for a designated period of time, this divination typically takes 45-60 minutes. 

Every divination includes suggestions for integrating the guidance into daily life.

Topic-focused divinations can also be combined with individual movement-based sessions for maximum results.

Cost: $75

Annual Divination

As the name suggests, this reading enables you to take a detailed look at the currents you’ll be swimming in during a given year, and offers tools for navigating challenges and opportunities with maximum grace.

As with the shorter, topical divinations, the annual divination includes suggestions for ongoing integration of the reading into daily life.

Individual movement-based sessions may also be focused around the themes of the annual divination.

Cost: $150


Life Path Guardian Reading

In an Ifa community, this extensive reading would be done on the third day of a child’s life to provide parents and other caregivers with a detailed understanding of who the child is and what medicine s/he came to bring to different areas of life.  The Life Path/Guardian reading also reveals what Orisha(s) (primordial natural/cosmic force) the person walks with and the identity of hir primary guardian ancestor.

Receiving the reading as an adult can help deepen self-knowledge and banish confusion.  It is appropriate for anyone who would like to connect with the powerful assistance available through relationship with hir Orisha(s) and guardian ancestor.

Ikin nuts, used in Ifa divination

Developing these relationships does not require one to abandon existing spiritual practices or relationships with other spiritual entities. Rooted in the soil of our common ancestral homeland, Africa, an Ifa Life/Path Guardian reading can offer profound stability and integration.  

The Life Path/Guardian reading typically takes between 90 and 120 minutes.  It will change your life.  No kidding!

Cost: $200