Awareness Through Movement (ATM)

Recover or renew your “biological optimism.” (Thanks to senior Feldenkrais teacher Ruthy Alon for this pithy phrase.  Check out her video for a beautiful multisensory introduction to Awareness Through Movement.)

Experience the simplest trauma transformation practice on the planet!

Check out one of the most readily accessible and most widely applicable forms of mindfulness training.

ATM is all this and more.

Regular practice of ATM is an inexpensive way to enhance one’s ability to learn, prevent injury or reintegrate after injury.

It makes individual or couples’ work more effective and improves one’s experience of practices such as sitting meditation, yoga asana and pranayama, T’ai Chi and Chi Gong.

ATM is the root practice of The Discipline of Pleasure.  ATM class hours qualify for the training requirements of all Discipline of Pleasure Belt Training plans.

For more general information on Awareness Through Movement, see the page on Feldenkrais.

For specifics on current weekly class times and costs, check the Calendar.


Combine Feldenkrais wisdom with fun moves from yoga asana, Pilates, dance, the martial arts and woods walking to build balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility the easy way!

This 2 hour class begins indoors, then moves to the great outdoors for the last 45-60 minutes.  Put what you’ve practiced into action in walking, and allow walking to help integrate what you learned on the mat.

Show up for only the first half, or stay for both, as it suits you each time.

FeldyFit! class hours are applicable to all Discipline of Pleasure Belt Training Programs.

Eating with Equipoise

Would you like to eat more like a good animal–knowing, without thinking, what foods to choose, how much to eat, and when?

Would you like to enjoy better digestion–of food, and of experience?

Would you like to cultivate a more reverent relationship with Earth?

Equipoise in Eating is a simple practice that can assist you in realizing all these developmental goals, and more.

Eating with Equipoise draws from senior Feldenkrais teacher Ruthy Alon’s Mindful Eating work.  It is also informed by the mindfulness eating practices of the Shambhala Lineage and those of Steven Levine.  As a Discipline of Pleasure practice, it is always coming up with new twists!

Eating with Equipoise hours are applicable to all Discipline of Pleasure Belt Training Programs.

See the Calendar for details on current class times and costs.

 Trauma Transformers’ Training (T3)

An intensive program for those who are ready to accelerate their own creativity, or to enhance their work with traumatized others.

Trauma Transformers Training involves a commitment of 10 weekends plus two weeks per year.  These in-person sessions are almost entirely experiential, combining Awareness Through Movement and FeldyFit! lessons with outdoor sensorimotor explorations and group ceremony around the fire.

Weekly online classes offer an ongoing connection to the training community between in-person sessions, and allow us to delve more deeply into the intellectual aspects of trauma and trauma transformation.

Enrollment in T3 automatically puts you in the highest level of training, and entitles you not only to lower rates on individual, couples’ or family sessions, but also to discounts on other Discipline of Pleasure services, including ceremonial work and Ifa divination or initiation.  Contact Iya Lisa for more details on cost and schedule.