Attuned communication: love in action

Couples and family sessions transform traumatic relational habits quickly and pleasurably. 

Such sessions are beneficial for couples who are seeking to deepen their pleasure in relationship as well as those troubled by recurrent conflict or struggling with lack of intimacy.

The Discipline of Pleasure process is compatible with and substantially different from talk-based psychotherapy.

Discipline of Pleasure sessions focus on developing trust and refinement in our capacity for non-verbal communication.  They enhance the integrity between verbal and non-verbal expressions.

Couples sessions can be either 60 or 90 minutes in length (90 is usually better).  90 minutes is usually ideal for family sessions; some families may do better with 120 minute sessions.

Couples and family work is most productive when at least one member of the group is also involved in group training with The Discipline of Pleasure.

For more information, see Discipline of Pleasure Training Plans, Belt Training Plans, and The Nitty Gritty.

When you’re ready to reap the rewards of The Discipline of Pleasure, the first step is for both members of the couple and/or all adult/teen members of the family to do the Planning Your Training exercise.

Then, call (802 869 1122) or email ( to schedule an initial consultation.  Initial consultations last 90 minutes.

Next, email your completed Planning Your Training exercise to Iya Lisa.

During initial consultation, I’ll do a thorough assessment of your history as a couple/family, your present state of organization, and your learning styles.  I’ll make recommendations designed to help you achieve your developmental goals in the time you desire.  Recommendations will address optimal length and frequency of your sessions with me, your participation in group training, and homework.