Training for resilience.  Resilience in the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body, and the spiritual body.  Training for resilience is what the Discipline of Pleasure is all about.

Without training, traumatic experiences tend to render us less creative, less joyful, and less alive–as individuals, families and communities–than we might be.

Without training, traumatic experiences often reduce us to coping with life rather than truly living it.

Without training, we find ourselves unable to meet rapidly changing conditions and demands with grace, courage, and ingenuity.

The Discipline of Pleasure offers training and tools designed to reverse this equation.

The Discipline of Pleasure teaches us to transform traumatic experiences and the habits they spawn, not simply cope with them.

The Discipline of Pleasure teaches us to use trauma to become more creative, more joyful and more alive–as individuals, families, and communities.

If you’re tired of just coping, or if you’re hungering to be part of a family or community full of vibrant, creative, empowered human beings, check out The Discipline of Pleasure!


Iyanifa Lisa G. Nash is the instructor at The Discipline of Pleasure.  Iya Lisa has been practicing in the Saxtons River watershed since 1995.  She has taught internationally and offers classes and sessions for individuals, families and couples online as well as at her center in Vermont.

Iya Lisa is a Priestess in the West African tradition of Ifa and an initiate in the Bwiti tradition of Gabon.  She is a chiropractor, Feldenkrais teacher, yogini, meditator and herbalist.  

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The only way to understand what The Discipline of Pleasure is is to experience it.

Easy ways to do so:

sample audio recordings of one-on-one sessions and/or group lessons and workshops

visit any Discipline of Pleasure class for free

meet Iya Lisa at her weekly community clinic hours

attend (or help organize!) a movement-based, interactive community education class with Iya Lisa.  “What Is Trauma and What You Can Do About It–Right Now!” will also soon be available as a video blog through this site and the Discipline of Pleasure You Tube channel.

Check the calendar for listings of classes, clinics and workshops.  Or call the office at 802 869 1122.