What do we need?  Trauma transformation!  When do we need it? NOW!

And now.  And now.  And now….

Suddenly, it’s a lot easier for many people to understand what I’ve been saying for decades.

Suddenly, it’s a lot easier for us to know with our minds what our bodies, senses, hearts, and souls have always known.

And thus, to share what we Know.  And thus, to evolve together, along with all our relations.

These are the best of times, the worst of times.  Times of crisis and chaos.  Just the kind of conditions that can spawn a lot of trauma–or enable us to rapidly rewrite our consciousness hard drive so thoroughly that certain kinds of trauma never trouble us again.

Suddenly, it’s a lot easier for us all to sense what the myriad disciplines and traditions that inform the Discipline of Pleasure keep teaching me to sense.

Hidden in plain sight in this moment of great travail is the golden key to transforming all that has so long troubled us, individually and collectively.

Moshe Feldenkrais called such riddles “The Elusive Obvious.”  Others have called them koans, or simply, “the way the water moves.”

Your poison is your medicine.  This is your time to become a master alchemist.  The Discipline of Pleasure is appropriate alchemical technology if you have a human body, a human heart, and a soul full of longing for a better world.


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