Gospel= good news.

I’ve given you plenty of bad news about trauma.

Is there any good news in our current global trauma epidemic?

Yes. Because when we grapple with trauma, we discover something amazing about ourselves.

When we allow ourselves to open to the wounds left by the terrible experiences of the past rather than avoiding, denying, or dissociating from them, we find out that something lives inside us that makes medicine out of poison.

Something lives inside us that moves toward integration–not despite trauma’s shattering, but because of it. Something that lives inside us moves toward higher levels of order–not despite the cruel destruction we have endured, but through it.

When we create conditions appropriate for the transformation of trauma, we reliably discover that this mysterious something inside is immensely resilient, creative and powerful.

Given half a chance, this mysterious something inside turns trauma’s ugly scars into beauty marks. Given half a chance, trauma’s ugly scars become signs of a profound spiritual initiation, an initiation that makes us—as individuals and collectively—more than we were before.


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